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Hey everyone, it’s Dani. Since August I’m a student living on my own, which means I have a lot of bills to pay (rent, electricity, health insurance, gas/water and school). Since I’m a student, I receive student loan which would be enough for me to pay my bills and pay for food. However, I’m having a problem with my student loan. At first it looked like I wouldn’t be receiving my student loan for the next 4 months. Luckily enough I was able to sort of fix this - but I still won’t get my student loan for the month September.  
One of my very very dear friends is so amazing and lending me a big sum of money, but I’m afraid that this won’t be enough since literally all I have is €15. 

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I will love you forever even if it’s just one dollar. I feel very strange about asking this of you all, but I just don’t know what do to anymore. I wake up thinking about money and I fall asleep thinking about it. I’m enjoying living on my own so much but this is completely ruining it. 


Personally, I think that John and Sholto’s relationship ended in an unpleasant manner (e.g. they were found out and forced apart, Sholto stopped talking to John after his incident and John was hurt by his coldness, John couldn’t stand for Sholto to see him weak in bed after he was shot, etc) and as a result, John decided that Sholto was it, that he didn’t want to try to dedicate himself to another man, so he swore off males (even though he’s technically bisexual) which is why he’s so adamant in ASiP that he’s not gay.

Asking if Sherlock was unattached was a reflex, an instinct, left over from his time when he actively sought males, but then he back peddles and realizes what he is doing as soon as Sherlock starts to let him down and you can see John berating himself for asking it. 

John never talks about Sholto with Sherlock because he knows that Sherlock will be able to piece together what transpired between them, but he feels no such reservations with Mary which is why John tells Mary about Sholto but never Sherlock. 

By the time John realizes that what he has with Sherlock could be what he had with Sholto, it’s too late, Sherlock is gone, and then he’s getting married. There’s nothing he can do anymore. 

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Jessica Chastain for Madame Figaro, September 2014 

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